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To do justice to a luxury holiday in Spain you need to hire a campervan or motorhome

Compared to the Uk Sain is massive, but for a country this size it only shares borders with France and Andorra (which it governs jointly with France) to the north where the Pyrenees mountain range separates the two,  Portugal to the west, though both the Canary Isles and the Balearics in the balearic Sea are Spanish teritory. The Balearic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea separate Spain from northern Africa.

Now this country is mountainous, indeed, it is the second most mountainous country in Europe and the average mountain height is about 2,000 feet. The Pyrenees chain stretches roughly 400km or nearly 250 miles from the Basque Country's Atlantic coast, going east to the Med Sea and in places the peaks rise to over 1,524m or 5,000ft, the highestof them being around 3,404m or11,169ft.

All the above of course, makes Spain with it's massive amount of space an ideal venue for a self drive holiday, so all you need to do is hire that campervan, motorhome or RV and take off into the sun. You will find that things are still cheaper here than back home in the UK, and the roads are better too!

I've always fancied a coastal tour starting at the Perpignan border with France and driving to the south via the coast road, round the southern part and on into Portugal where one can continue up the Portuguese coastline to the north and back into Spain again. The Mediterranean coast extends 1,660km or 1,030 miles from the French border to the Straits of Gibraltar, that narrow strip of water linking the Med with the Atlantic, and parting Spain from North Africa.

As aforesaid, the country is mountainous and there is a chain of them southeast of Granada which runs parallel to the Mediterranean, rising to 3,478m or 11,411ft at the summit of Mulhacen, the highest point on the Spanish peninsula being  3,718m or 12,198ft

The Mediterranean coast extends 1,660km (1,030 miles) from the French frontier to the Straits of Gibraltar, the narrow strip of water linking the Mediterranean with the Atlantic, and separating Spain from North Africa.