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What a superb way to explore Sweden: Hire a motorhome or campervan and travel in style and luxury

Sweden is in northern Europe and the country capital is Stockholm which has a total population of 1.7 million (Greater Stockholm). The total area of the whole country is circa 449,964 sq. km or 173,732 sq. miles with a population of around 9 million. It has borders with Norway to the west and Finland to the north, but other than that it is surrounded by water.

Ok, now we've got that out of the way, the Swedes call their country "The land of the midnight sun" or "The land of the Vikings", and so they should because it really is a superb place to be - well as far as I'm concerned it is in spring and summer anyway - snow and cold do nothing for me.

But having said that, Lapland Sweden is something else again, somewhere most people who go to Sweden would like to see and experience for themselves - from the luxury of a campervan or motorhome naturally - because in the Lapland region of the far north of Sweden, you can find the most vast, dramatic and spectacular untamed wilderness areas that Europe has to offer.

The journey there is an experience in itself but when you arrive it will take your breath away.But there is something else to see in Sweden which is only noticeable from the extreme northern latitude, above the Arctic Circle - the world-famous light phenomena, attracting travellers from all around the globe

The extreme northern latitude, above the Arctic Circle has blessed Lapland in the far north of Sweden with some equally extreme, world-famous light phenomena, the Northern Lights, which attracts travellers from all around the globe. Well worth the trip!