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Travel in complete luxury and hire a campervan or motorhome to see the wonderful world of Switzerland.

Switzerland is probably the only completely landlocked country where we hire or rent campervans and motorhomes - just in case you wanted to know!

It is located in central western Europe and is completely surrounded by France to the south and west, Germany to the north, Leichtenstein and Austria to the north east and finally, Italy to the direct and south east. English is widely spoken but apart from that you will find that near to the borders they speak French, German and Italian dialects ( slightly different to French, German and Italian).

What a wonderful country and one I fell in love with aged about 19, or roughly 50 years ago when we entered the country at Basel and carried on to Lucerne and other places before going through to Italy to end up in the south of France.

Switzerland is certainly a country which needs to be explored in and out of the tourist areas as there is so much scenery to take in, especially during the spring and summer months when everything is in full bloom, when you can see cows in the fields and every one has a large bell around it's nech so that it can be located when the snow is deep.

We all know that motorways are the fastest way to drive from point A to point B, but in this case I recommend keeping off them entirely if possible, after all, when you hire a campervan or motorhome you are on holiday, not in a race. Keep off the M ways and you will be totally amazed by what you see. Small towns are dotted all over, and they are a delight to stop in and browse the shops and cafes etc.

You will find that the inhabitants are extremely polite and welcoming, and if you buy something from a shop then nothing seems to be too much trouble - a refreshing change from some shopping experiences back hope I bet!