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Campervan and motorhome hire in Austria

Now Austria is one wonderful country in every respect. As green or even greener than our UK, Ireland or Switzerland and with “proper” seasons, a country with lakes and mountains, cities such as Vienna, the capital, and the famous Saltzburg

To hire a campervan or motorhome and tour around Austria is a wonderful experience, believe me because I’ve done it, and it is a country of which you will never tire.

Austria is landlocked as we are sure you know, and it shares borders with no less than 8 other countries; Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. The nearest seaside beach is facing the Adriatic Sea due south through either Italy or Slovenia.

Some famous Austrians include Otto Wagner, Johann Strauss father and son of the same name, and Franz Schubert the Viennese composer. Quite a lot of musical talent there then all those years ago.

This is William Tell country too, but nowadays you will most likely to be asked to join in a sing song with the locals than be tied to a tree with an apple on your head!

There is so much history in this little country that we cannot possibly cover more than a tiny bit of it on this page, other than to give you but a taste of the true Austria when you tour round in your hired motorhome.

Visit places such as Saltzburg and Vienna of course as they are both “must see” cities but other places are just as interesting in their way; Eisenstadt, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Bregenz on Lake Constance and Linz all have a great deal to offer the traveller.

We are certain you will enjoy your tour around Austria and hope that one day you will hire another campervan or motorhome to see the parts of the country which you missed this time.