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Campervan & motorhome hire in Slovenia

Slovenia lies immediately north of Croatia and also shares a border with Italy to its west, Austria to its north and Hungary to the east. Lujbljana, the capital is situated near enough in the centre of the country.

One could be forgiven for thinking that Slovenia is totally landlocked but it has a tiny, tiny access to the Adriatic in between Croatia and Italy near to Trieste, so yes, it does have a shoreline.

Hire a campervan here in Slovenia and you can have the adventure of a lifetime because this is one beautiful country where there is so very much to see and do.

On your motorhome tour of Slovenia you may wish to make a stop to see the Postojna Cave system which is a network of 20 KM (12.5 miles) of passages, galleries and chambers. It is the largest cave in the “classic karst” and the most visited tourist cave in Europe with magnificent caverns and stalactite formations.                               

There is a lovely zoo just a 20 minute walk from the centre of Ljubljana which is an integrated part of a protected natural park and other green areas and where visitors can view numerous wild animal species from all continents living in their natural environment.

Slovenia boasts so much in terms of historical value with castles such as those in Bled and Ljubljana, so much in terms of scenery and interesting old villages that the best way of seeing and experiencing this lovely country is to hire a motorhome and tour round for a couple of weeks at your own pace.